Smartphone Trivia Game Show

Have you been to a live Sarasota trivia event only to be completely bored? Jim Casey created Game Show Trivolution in 2010 because he wanted to make trivia fun and lively. It was a pen and paper game back then.

In 2015, he decided to take the game to the next level. He turned decades of regular trivia on its head and introduced the Smartphone Trivia Game Show in the Bradenton area where the game is played like a game show where you use phones and tablets to answer questions.

*** This does NOT mean to use your smartphones or tablets to look up the answers because that is cheating. ***

Now, it is 2021 and we have done close to 2,500 shows throughout the area. In that time, we have given people an opportunity to win BIG MONEY.

How about prizes totaling over $1,000,000!

That’s NOT a misprint. One million dollars. That’s a ton of money. Not everyone wins, but everyone CAN win on any given night.

It may seem like this game is only played at bars and restaurants, but the opposite is true. You can play the “Smartphone Trivia Game Show” at Country Clubs, Homeowner Association Clubhouses, Corporate Events (for up to 32 teams) and even in classrooms.

Sarasota Trivia nights are also a great way to socialize and meet new people. If you are a solo player, venture out to one of our shows because you maybe able to find a team to become a part of.