Sarasota Team Trivia Night

This is the home to the premier Sarasota Team Trivia Night, the Smartphone Trivia Game Show, produced by Game Show Trivolution and powered by Speedquizzing.

For over six years, Sarasota Team Trivia Night players have used their  smartphones and tablets to play but…
*** You DO NOT use your smartphones or tablets to look up the answers because that is cheating. ***

You will play up to five of what we call “audition rounds” to qualify for the “Final 4 Game Show”. As a result of being in the Top 4, your team will qualify to play our live game show to win prizes and cash!

It may seem like this game is only played at bars and restaurants, but the opposite is true. You can play the “Smartphone Trivia Game Show” at Country Clubs, Homeowner Association Clubhouses,  Corporate Events (for up to 32 teams) and even in classrooms.

A Sarasota Trivia night is also a great way to socialize and meet new people. If you are a solo player, venture out to one of our shows because you maybe able to find a team to become a part of.


Use the map below to find a Sarasota Trivia Night near you.


Download the Speedquizzing Virtual Buzzer app to your phone or tablet (even Kindle) by clicking on one of the links.

Sarasota Trivia Night Sarasota Trivia Night
Make sure to place your device in Airplane mode and turn on wi-fi. Look for the network that the host specifies. It does NOT connect to the internet, just to the Game Show itself. You will then pick a team and a song that is yours for the night. You get an answer quickly, you hear the song. Call it a musical way to trash talk your fellow contestants!